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7903455434_f3fc70ee0d_o.jpg (612×612) When apps track your workouts, who really wins?
It might be dressed up like a game, but apps that track your movements are serious business.
undefined Digital self-defense: The beginning of the privacy resistance
New ways of announcing your resistance to the great privacy problem are finally bubbling up. 
All sizes | privacy | Flickr - Photo Sharing! The illusion of privacy: You're not in control
In most social media sites, the privacy you think you might have doesn't really exist. 
Big data Digital self-defense: When big data does good
Big data isn't all bad. We just need to know how it's being handled. 
Condoms Digital promiscuity is bad for your health
We need to practice safe digital self-defense, especially in the new "Internet of Things." Because our health is just one of the things that can and will be impacted. 
Fake It time bomb Digital self-defense: You post, you're toast
Think what you post on social media doesn't really matter? So did these four people, and this is what happened.