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abstract art of a computer surrounded by encryption force fields The Pentagon has already paid over $318 million for cyber contracts this year
It's a number that's only getting bigger.
WTC sillhouette with smoke cloud September 11th, 2001, through the eyes of IRC channels
From computer programmers to Pokemon fans, this is how it went down online.
Wearable sensor Pentagon to launch $175 million wearable tech program
Industry, education, local governments, and the military join forces.
Secretary of Defense Ash Carter Ashley Madison data leak sparks U.S. military personnel investigation
Adultery is a crime in the U.S. armed forces.
Sheriff SWAT vehicle Pentagon records reveal how local police justify military-grade equipment requests
They say terrorism, but what they really mean is weed.
abstract art of a computer monitor Here's the U.S. military's unusual strategy for recruiting 'cyber warriors'
Better to address this upfront than hide it for later, we suppose.