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US military cyber soldiers Pentagon requests $12 million for new National Guard cyberwar facilities in Maryland
The two facilities have been on the Pentagon's wishlist for years now.
Cyber War Computers Do special operations forces need their own elite cyberwarfare team?
The idea of a creating a cyber 'A-Team' is tantalizing, but also challenging.
glitched image of a computer U.S. military plans to outsource cyberwar support to private companies
The U.S. plans to pay out $460 million in contracts.
The Pentagon bombed a Doctors Without Borders hospital—why aren't we talking about it?
These devastating tweets show why it's time to rethink drone warfare.
abstract art of a computer surrounded by encryption force fields The Pentagon has already paid over $318 million for cyber contracts this year
It's a number that's only getting bigger.
WTC sillhouette with smoke cloud September 11th, 2001, through the eyes of IRC channels
From computer programmers to Pokemon fans, this is how it went down online.