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abstract art of a computer monitorHere's the U.S. military's unusual strategy for recruiting 'cyber warriors'
Better to address this upfront than hide it for later, we suppose.
tattered confederate flagArmy resist calls to change names of bases honoring Confederate leaders
An Army spokesman says names 'represent individuals, not causes or ideologies.'
HoverbikeThe U.S. military is developing a hovering motorbike
It can be used for "surveillance."
Dear Obama—spying on your own people doesn't stop terrorists
In fact, the NSA's bulk data collecting program only helps them.
Texas map filled with pushpinsSorry, Chuck Norris, Obama isn't planning to invade Texas
That's exactly what someone who was going to invade Texas would say.
DoD personnel using anti-eavesdropping Silent Circle phonesU.S. military is now using the spy-resistant Blackphone
No device is perfectly secure, but the Pentagon is hoping the Blackphone comes close.
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