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Vsz0LgG.png (1024×512) Lawyer for Anonymous's 'PayPal 14' facing multiple charges
A lawyer known for representing members of Anonymous is being taken to court. 
wikileaks | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Are WikiLeaks' best days behind it?
When Julian Assange walks out of his Ecuadorian embassy, what world will he find?
guyfawkes.jpg (1440×720) Anonymous's PayPal 14 enter pleas, most may skirt jail
Most of the 14 Anonymous members have copped to one felony and one misdemeanor in hopes of landing a probation sentence.
1425340_665032740207834_1587964670_o.jpg (1920×1266) Meet #OpThrowback, the 'edgier, more dangerous cousin' of #OpNSA
"The United States decided to shake our nest, and for that, we will sting back."
VW5qGtw.png (1280×800) Google's latest project maps DDoS attacks in almost real time
The Digital Attack Map makes the mechanics of cyberwar easier to visualize.
imgur: the simple image sharer 13 alleged Anonymous members indicted for DDoS attacks on Hollywood
A federal grand jury indicted 13 alleged members of the hacker collective for conspiring to intentionally cause damage to protected computers.