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patriot act

ted cruz giving a speech with the NSA logo behind him Ted Cruz slams Marco Rubio, Chris Christie for trying to revive NSA bulk phone spying
Cruz's stance on NSA surveillance sets him apart from several of his fellow candidates.
Patriot Act author warns Europe not to follow his example after Paris
New spy powers aren't always the answer. Jim Sensenbrenner ought to know.
Marco Rubio backs bill to stop NSA from deleting old metadata
Rubio joined another senator's effort to stop the NSA from deleting the old data.
NSA gets ready to shut down Patriot Act phone-records program
The 'metadata' program became a lightning rod for privacy activists, and now it's shutting down.
FBI headquarters FBI and DEA under review for use of NSA mass surveillance data
A 'staggering' amount of data, one judge said.
US Senate and Congress buildings Congress advances the Judicial Redress Act to protect foreigners' privacy
'We all benefit when the information our law enforcement agencies share is accurate.'