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patent trolls

john oliver patents John Oliver explains why our patent laws are totally broken
When an outdoor ice skating rink gets built in Texas, you know something's wrong.
podcasttrollmain.png (1400×700) Podcasting gets major victory over patent troll
Patent office 'invalidates' key parts of so-called 'podcasting patent.'
lightbulb First female director of U.S. Patent and Trademark Office sworn in at SXSW
History in the making, patent trolls are shaking.
A dandelion, centered against the sun so it appears to have a halo. Inside the patent wars that are ruining American innovation
As long as companies can file frivolous lawsuits over dubious patents, Americans will lose.
President Obama delivering the 2011 State of the Union. Tan suit: not pictured. If you want a better Internet, should you vote Republican?
Or will Congress never accomplish anything ever again?
Patrick Leahy The Senate just killed patent reform
Special interest groups are being blamed for killing bill aimed at curbing abusive patent lawsuits.