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patent troll

Patent trolls get their comeuppance in this crowdfunded comedy
Filmmaker Lex Lybrand is trolling the trolls with a movie called 'Trolls.'
Patrick Leahy The Senate just killed patent reform
Special interest groups are being blamed for killing bill aimed at curbing abusive patent lawsuits.
giant-gavel.jpg (1440×720) The Supreme Court may have just exterminated 'patent trolls'
A new ruling makes it easier for patent-troll victims to reclaim legal costs.
Giant Gavel America's largest patent troll tries to take on Google, gets a mistrial
Intellectual Ventures is now 0-for-1 in court battles.
Trio of Troll Dolls | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Patent troll sues U.S. for its right to patent troll
What's a patent troll to do when challenged by federal regulators? Sue, of course.