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patent troll

Patent trolls get their comeuppance in this crowdfunded comedy
Filmmaker Lex Lybrand is trolling the trolls with a movie called 'Trolls.'
giant-gavel.jpg (1440×720) Patent troll sues the Electronic Frontier Foundation over a blog post
EFF refuses to pay toll to troll.
Patrick Leahy The Senate just killed patent reform
Special interest groups are being blamed for killing bill aimed at curbing abusive patent lawsuits.
giant-gavel.jpg (1440×720) The Supreme Court may have just exterminated 'patent trolls'
A new ruling makes it easier for patent-troll victims to reclaim legal costs.
Giant Gavel America's largest patent troll tries to take on Google, gets a mistrial
Intellectual Ventures is now 0-for-1 in court battles.
Trio of Troll Dolls | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Patent troll sues U.S. for its right to patent troll
What's a patent troll to do when challenged by federal regulators? Sue, of course.