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Cables in Kolkata Fearing ISIS, India censors dozens of popular websites
We're not sure this is the best way to fight the Islamic State.
tumblr Gamergate's doomed plan to win over Tumblr
This is almost too sad to be funny.
Locks | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Hackers' favorite publishing platform had a huge year in 2013
More than 300,000 pieces of private info were posted to Pastebin in 2013.
bellglictch.png (1400×824) Bell Canada: 22,000 customer passwords leaked by hacking crew
The hacktivists known as NullCrew first gained notoriety for its high-profile attack on Cambridge University. 
Dolphins Taiji Mural ! | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Anonymous draws blood by leaking SeaWorld board members' credit cards
The movement shifts from its bluffing phase to open assault.
efScrxL.jpg (1024×512) Jeremy Hammond supporters share list of countries the FBI allegedly used him to hack
An unverified document matches claims Hammond himself has made in the past.