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ISIS threatens Paris, Rome, U.S. in new video
This is at least the third ISIS video released since the Nov. 13 Paris attacks.
Abdelhamid Abaaoud Paris attack ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud killed in raid
The exact cause of death is unknown.
image of french flag Charlie Hebdo stands up to ISIS with new cover on Paris attacks
The terrorists killed 129 people last Friday. But Charlie Hebdo isn't backing down.
Paris attacks Alleged ISIS video threatens Paris-style attacks in Washington
Alleged Islamic State members threaten more bloodshed in Europe and in the U.S. capital.
Paris attack Police launch manhunt for ‘mastermind’ of Paris attacks and French suspect
French police stopped one of the eight Paris attackers, but he was mistakenly released.
Eiffel Tower with binary overlay Paris attacks spark renewed fight against encryption
Surveillance defenders are seizing the tragedy to push for new spy powers.