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Congressman Mike McCaul blames Paris attacks on encryption
The facts of the Paris attack are considerably more complex than McCaul lets on.
glitched image of a lock French government considers law that would outlaw strong encryption
France, rocked by deadly terrorist attacks, is attempting to cut off future attacks before they happen.
As L.A. shuts down schools, NYC calls bomb threat a 'hoax'
A tale of two cities' reactions to a terrorist tactic.
Donald Trump with hand raised Trump supporters call to 'shoot' protester, light him 'on fire'
'I heard the N-word a couple of times.'
Mosque arcade NSEERS: The Bush-era policy that gives precedent to a U.S. database for Muslims
Counterproductive counter-terrorism.
Donald Trump, hero of white supremacists Terrorism is the top issue in the 2016 election, but that fear doesn't match reality
Terrorism is Americans' top fear, but the numbers don't add up.