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Pacific Rim

bad bloodTaylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' video is a montage of awesome sci-fi references
Can you spot every movie reference in Taylor's new Sin City-style video?
'Furious 8' is happening—and it already has a release date
Meanwhile, Universal is delaying 'Warcraft' and the 'Pacific Rim' sequel.
mako mori guillermo del toro pacific rim 2How Guillermo del Toro plans to expand 'Pacific Rim' on the big screen and beyond
Fans will have even more to love with comics, an animated series, and a 'Pacific Rim' sequel on the way. 
pacific rim 2 stacker pentecost mako moriA 'Pacific Rim' sequel is coming in 2017
Hopefully it'll be worth the wait.
aaron-godzilla.jpg (1440×720)'Godzilla' proves that Hollywood has a boring white guy problem
'Godzilla' gets everything right—except its lead.
tumblr_static_iconic-image-for-doctor-who-50th-anniversary-special--the-day-of-the-doctor-2462866.jpg (JPEG Image, 2197 × 1463 pixels) - Scaled (43%)Hugos give more nods to women, but nominations still stir controversy
The monation of author Vox Day for best novelette has left many fans furious. But there are some bright spots this year.
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