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overly attached girlfriend

YSNkE70.png (PNG Image, 1338 × 739 pixels) Taylor Swift is the original overly attached girlfriend
If you thought Overly Attached Girlfriend was creepy before, wait until she reads Taylor Swift lyrics.
Internet Memes Get Animated In Collaborative Rap Battle Series Internet memes battle in new animated rap series
Nyan Cat and Grumpy Bat spit bars in Animeme Rap Battles. Seriously. 
oag YouTube Guide: Overly Attached Valentine
Laina, the famous Overly Attached Girlfriend, wants you to be her valentine. Or else.
denny Internet memes get ad deals
Overly Attached Girlfriend isn't the only one looking to get paid. 
OEG Introducing Overly Attached Pitch Woman
Laina Morris, better known as Overly Attached Girlfriend, will convince you to buy a Samsung's SSD 840 laptop, one way or another. 
zombielaina The best "zombie meme" Halloween costumes of 2012
Zombie Psy was a big winner this Halloween, but we couldn't find anyone who went as Zombie Horse with Bayonet.