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Promotional image from Ouya. Razer buys Ouya as the dream of an open Android console dies
The Ouya open console dream is dead.
Kickstarter darling Ouya goes on sale
Sometimes promising endeavors don’t pan out.
imgur: the simple image sharer Magnetic by Nature's simplicity captures the force of fun
Crowdfunding made this inventive game possible. 
OUYA controller Chinese cellphone manufacturer Ouya strikes major deal with Chinese phone manufacturer
The deal will allow the Ouya environment to be accessible from Xiaomi’s new set-top box and television.
ttd_screenshot_11.png (1280×720) Ouya has a party in a box with 'Toto Temple Deluxe'
The only drawback: You have to have friends to play. 
Screen_Shot_2014-03-04_at_9.05.23_AM.png (814×483) Kickstarter: The $1 billion crowdfunding machine
On Monday, the company announced it had brokered its billionth dollar in pledges.