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online dating

a koala and a giraffe on a date 5 lessons animals can teach us about online dating
Steer clear of those squirrels, ladies.
bros New BRO app connects straight guys who want to experiment
You can also use it to find a 'long-term bromance.'
dog scratch Back-scratching and cuddles: Are platonic apps the new Tinder?
As hook-up apps reach saturation, is there an appetite for non-romantic connections?
person holding smartphone with an anti-lgbt symbol on it Lured over dating apps, LGBT men are targets of violence and crime
Social media has increased cruising options for gay and bisexual men, but also risk.
image of a phone screen with the tinder logo on it How to use GIFs on Tinder
Sometimes there are no words. Especially on Tinder.
tinder gifs Tinder now has GIFs so you can flirt without words
Sometimes an emoji just isn't enough.