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Map of the middle-east region of Syria - outer edges blurred to increase focus on the center of the image. U.S. forces anger Turkey by wearing Kurdish patches while fighting ISIS
Tensions are rising with Turkey, a NATO ally, based on something as simple as patches.
President Barack Obama speaking into a microphone. Obama administration hit with 11-state lawsuit in transgender bathroom battle
The lawsuit accused the White House of overstepping its authority.
An illustration of a clunky-ass desktop computer with the U.S. seal GAO report reveals Pentagon's use of floppy disks to control U.S. nuclear weapons
That's not the government's only IT embarrassment.
Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain President Obama had beer and noodles with Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam
Why are all their fellow diners acting so casual?
Donald Trump speaking at CPAC. 5-year-old fatally shoots herself as Trump, Clinton engage over gun rights
The tragic death occurred as guns became a hotly debated topic in the presidential race.