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Bill Gates - Interview | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Bill Gates and his rich friends want to save the world
Is the money of tech billionaires enough to stop climate change?
Republicans oppose Obama's decision to pardon 2 turkeys last Thanksgiving
Some 38 percent of Republicans disagree with Obama's decision to pardon two turkeys last year.
glitched image of chinese flag Rep. Ted Lieu: China's days of stealing U.S. trade secrets may be over
Rep. Ted Lieu, a leading tech-focused lawmaker, said he was impressed by China's commitment to the issue.
Love letter lost among Syrian refugees: 'Don't forget me'
This puts the ongoing political debate in context.
colbert obama game of thrones Stephen Colbert calls out President Obama for his 'Game of Thrones' comments
He knows about as much as Jon Snow.
President Obama in front of French flag Obama announces new intel-sharing agreement with France
U.S. pledges to give France as much ISIS intelligence as 'allowed by existing law and policy.'