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north korea

China's President Xi Jinping takes to Facebook while banning it back home
The message from the world’s most censorial regimes is simple.
soldier with US flag The Pentagon will step up cybersecurity training for small defense contractors
Small defense contractors can't marshal the resources that Boeing or Lockheed can—but they're attacked just as intensely.
FireEye blames NK for cyberattacks relying on bug in word processing software North Korea may have used unpatched word processor bug to attack South Korea
The attack bears a resemblance to the infamous one on Sony Entertainment.
Hillary Clinton's email included two 'Top Secret' emails Hillary Clinton reportedly had 2 'Top Secret' emails on her private server
Clinton's campaign refutes the claims.
South Korean and US flags Is North Korea going to war with South Korea?
North Korea is known for making big threats. But is this time different?