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North Korea

north korean flag with the instagram logo superimposed on itNorth Korea has apparently blocked Instagram
No one is sure why it was blocked—or whether other bans will follow.
South Korean and American flag.U.S. attacked North Korea with the Stuxnet virus in 2010
Virus famous for successful attack against Iran used covertly.
North Korea executed a military leader who snoozed near Kim Jong-un
The hermit kingdom's sadistic tendencies continue to multiply.
Voting machine hack proves your ballot isn't as safe as you think
It's time for America to protect its democracy from hackers.
North Korean womenKim Jong-un reinstates female 'pleasure squads' for sexual service
If you though Kim couldn't get more creepy, you were wrong
north korean flagPornhub offers up North Korea's masturbation data—just in time for April Fools'
All the porn North Koreans would watch... if they had Internet access.
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