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no shave november

illustration of Civil Justus Beard star Civil Justus on how black men can grow healthy beards
Black men have their own challenges for growing a full, healthy beard.
mosisters No Shave November leads to antifeminist backlash
Apparently, some women didn’t get the memo that No Shave Movember is a men-only pastime.
no shave winner Best beard takes No Shave November
For one long month, these men endured the itchiness of newly-sprouted facial foliage. Was it worth it? We think so.
noshave update nov. 25 No Shave November update: the home stretch
The pressure of looking freshly groomed for relatives was apparently too much to handle for some of our final contestants. 
no shave update nov. 18 No Shave November update: 18 contestants remain
As Tumblr users chronicle their follicular follies, another nine fall off the Daily Dot's beardar.
allen demling Austin Facial Hair Club member offers insight for No Shave November
As No Shave November past its 5 o'clock shadow, veteran beard expert Allen Demling offers some tips for "getting past the ‘itchy’ stage.”