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Playing Wii Can certain commercial video games measure IQ?
A new study wants you to pick up the Wii again.
Promotional illustration from Nintendo. Nintendo announces its holiday 2015 release schedule
This is likely to be the final, substantial info dump from Nintendo for the rest of the year.
pokemon xy The case for a live-action Pokémon movie
Nintendo is planning to license some of its games to Hollywood studios. Pokémon should be the first.
Diagram of the hardware relationships of an old school computer. Why the video game programmers of old were geniuses
The video games of yesteryear were more amazing than the hottest video games today.
splatoon characters $1 million dollar Splatoon tournament coming to Japan
You can be a kid and a squid now, but is it esports now?
Promotional image from Nintendo. Splatoon teams to square off as Autobots and Decepticons
Two new factions will face off in the next Splatfest.
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