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FgKXI03.png (PNG Image, 706 × 369 pixels) Ex-Formula One boss sues Google over sex party photos
Ex-Formula One chief Max Mosley is battling Google over images from 2008.
Banana Cream Pie Murdoch pie assailant gets cold reaction
Within minutes of the pie attack on Rupert Murdoch, Twitter users had identified the assailant as @JonnieMarbles, a comedian and activist. Just seconds later, Twitter began telling Mr. May-Bowles how little humor they found in his prank.
Wendi Murdoch On Twitter, News Corp. boss comes off as a twit
Watching Rupert Murdoch testify to British Parliament is much more fun with Twitter.
News of the World News of the World's Twitter shutdown: an "open" case?
News International says it has an "open" policy on Twitter—but accounts claiming to be ex-employees are still shut.