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rupert murdoch Rupert Murdoch booed on Twitter for piracy tirade
News Corp. CEO calls Google "pirates" and lambastes President Obama—then gets a taste of his own medicine.
Murdoch Rupert Murdoch now tweets
The controversial media titan is now tweeting. 
FOX News logo Fox News's Facebook complaint doesn't stand up to scrutiny
The cable channel is miffed that none of its articles made the social network's most-shared list. Turns out there's a good reason.
News of the World News of the World's Twitter shutdown: an "open" case?
News International says it has an "open" policy on Twitter—but accounts claiming to be ex-employees are still shut.
All sizes | A board I found on one MySpace'ers desk | Flickr - Photo Sharing! MySpace's community of 60 million worth $35 million in sale
Once-leading social networking site MySpace is sold for $35 million.