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Vlogbrothers will start their own con in October
Do we really need another geek convention? When the Vlogbrothers are involved, the answer is always yes.
4NE2c8H.jpg (1366×690) The Harry Potter Alliance's equality campaign video is a moving tribute to fandom
John Green matched $10,000 in donations made to the fandom non-profit's Equality FTW campaign. 
tumblr_mt14lxKGH61s4sgqko1_1280.jpg (1280×1280) The definitive guide to the Vlogbrothers family tree
The Vlogbrothers planet is vast, and it exists in the galaxies of YouTube, publishing, and mainstream Hollywood culture simultaneously.
bGs2er7.jpg (860×466) Sorry, the 'TFIOS' kiss isn't as groundbreaking as you hoped
A friendly reminder about movie history.
W0rrJwB.jpg (1366×696) PBS imagines a future for fandom that's already a reality
Idea Channel's predictions for the possibilities of fandom are easy to swallow—probably because they're already happening.