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Tidal Chains You literally can't look away from Nas and Usher's powerful new music video
The Tidal-premiered song stops playing if you look away.
Beastie Boys Jackets Watch this previously unreleased Beastie Boys and Nas video
Reportedly directed by Roman Coppola.
BCc6Prt.png (1024×683) Nas wants to fund your startup
We're kinda over the whole "curation" thing, but when it's Nas, it's different. 
J6qgouy.jpg (1024×733) We've entered the age of White Rapper 4.0
You should be scared of Stitches. 
223/365 - my bank sucks | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Even in our post-PRISM times, we're more scared of being hacked than tracked
Apparently U.S. consumers are more worried about being hacked than being watched. 
Blue Marble (Planet Earth) | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Why Reddit's science forum needed to ban climate deniers
Climate change denial isn't science. So keep it out of r/science.