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imgur: the simple image sharer The creepiest fight ever caught on a hunter's trail cam
Reddit's r/Hunting caught a spectacularly weird forest moment.
undefined Is this the best upvote GIF ever made?
Everett Gunther's Matrix-inspired masterpieces and Jake Olimb's hand-illustrated epics are regarded as some of the best ever created.
undefined Tumblr GIF artist embraces old-school RPG style
From pizza to Daft Punk, this artist brings some of the Web's favorite things to life as GIFs.
undefined This dude's treadmill stunt is the only way to eat Goldfish
Parents, take note: Next time you tell your kids they can be anything they want, suggest some limitations. 
undefined GIF Dance Party is the most Friday thing on the Internet
How many dancing GIFs can fill a digital dance floor before the fire marshal is called? 
undefined This robber messed with the wrong Iraq vet
Four tours of duty in Iraq spread out over a 30-year military career have left Jon Alexander with a particular set of skills.