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million mask march

Anonymous person Thousands gather around the world for Anonymous's Million Mask March
Masked protesters gathered for a variety of reasons.
imgur: the simple image sharer Inside Anonymous's Million Mask March
Is the era of Anonymous fading?
EZz3O4J.png (1024×512) In trademark masks, Anonymous makes its presence felt worldwide
Using little more than Facebook, the hacktivist collective pulled off a massive protest that featured an estimated 400 cities. 
0QEPfcj.png (1024×512) Anonymous clashes with D.C. police during Million Mask March
Tensions appear to be high in Washington, D.C., the focal point of the hacktivist collective's global day of protest. 
anon-spray.jpg (1440×720) Anonymous seeks stronghold for Million Mask March in Southeast Asia
nonymous has declared cyberwar on the governments of Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia.
Anon in Real Life !! | Flickr - Photo Sharing! How Anonymous helped one of its own with a secret charity operation
John Fairhurst was about to sell his motorcycle to make the Million Mask March happen. Turns out, he didn't need to.