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Mike Rugnetta

vHRIedb.png (1273×711)Here's the psychology behind our love of 'Frozen'
For the first time in forever, it's a video about why we love Frozen.
youtube classroomEducation on YouTube isn't as easy as A, B, C
Getting into the classroom was only the beginning.
wF0FGW2.png (850×467)Why memes stop being funny
PBS explains.
slenderman-1-708110.jpg (590×406)The first great crowdsourced myth of the Internet
When it comes to Slender Man, the line between folklore and meme blurs.
excuse me but can I be you for a while: PhotoEverything you need to know about 'Welcome to Night Vale'
America’s favorite surreal horror podcast just got the professional pop-culture critic treatment.
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