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Intelligence agency logo heads meeting FBI director invokes San Bernardino attack in defense of anti-encryption narrative
James Comey denied wanting a 'backdoor' but said that some kind of encryption workaround was needed.
Automatic weapon made from encrypted data The rise of the new Crypto War
The U.S. government wants to stop terrorists and criminals from 'going dark.' But at what cost?
Crazy offensive internet censorship weapon from China NSA director: Don't be so quick to blame China for OPM cyberattack
Meanwhile, anonymous officials attribute the attack to China.
Lock U.S. lawmakers demand federal encryption requirements after OPM hack
Meanwhile, the FBI wants to mandate encryption backdoors.
Mike Rogers Pro-NSA CISPA coauthor Mike Rogers to host CNN show about spy missions
If nothing else, this should at least be entertaining.
nvah73c.png (1024×614) How bad is the newly passed NSA bill? Just look at who voted 'yes'
Its biggest original supporters have said no; its biggest critics voted yes. What happened?