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All sizes | LeBron James | Flickr - Photo Sharing! One Miami sportswriter is trolling LeBron all the way back to Cleveland
Lebron won't get away that easily. 
Shaquille O'Neal Shaq has a hilarious response to Heat fans mad at LeBron
This should put the matter to rest.
All sizes | LeBron James | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Heat fans dominate Twitter as LeBron James scores 61
"So this guy LeBron's pretty good, huh?"
Nuggets waive Chris Andersen | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Chris 'Birdman' Andersen is the latest high-profile catfishing victim
Last year, Colorado police raided the home of the Miami Heat's tatted-up center/power forward to investigate child-porn allegations.
All sizes | Dwyane Wade | Flickr - Photo Sharing! You can no longer search for Dwyane Wade on Twitter
Dwyane Wade has three rings. He wears the number 3. He changed his Twitter display name to "THREE." Now he's become the number.