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The proposal to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico has a drone problem
The drug war has failed—and a giant concrete slab 60 feet high won’t change that.
donald trump speaking to an audience Here's the hellscape America would become if we ended birthright citizenship
The GOP is making a major statement about who should live in America.
Gas guzzle Why we shouldn't be celebrating cheaper gas prices
We're on a dangerous consumer rampage.
el chapo escaping from his prison cell Surveillance footage shows drug lord 'El Chapo' making his escape
Authorities say Guzman may have been aided from someone on the inside.
donald trump speaking to an audience Escaped drug lord threatens Donald Trump on Twitter for racist remarks
Lesson for today: Don't taunt a drug lord who's recently escaped from prison.
Mexican drug lord's baffling prison escape spawns a wealth of memes
They think he's going after Donald Trump.
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