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men's rights

dilbert wearing a meninist shirt How the creator of 'Dilbert' became the hero of the Trump subreddit
Scott Adams has made a second career criticizing feminists and theorizing on Trump's power.
Dilbert stop sign 'Dilbert' is way funnier when mashed up with Scott Adams' MRA theories
Office politics at their finest.
a red pill with very manly facial features on it Meet the feminist who is making a film about the men's rights movement
'The Red Pill' takes a closer look at men who are angry about modern gender roles.
Woman's hand holding red engagement ring With 'no hymen, no diamond' mantra, men's rights activists hunt for the perfect virgin
There's no way to prove virginity, but that has not stopped some men from trying.
applause Feminist conference wants to replace applause with jazz hands, is ridiculed
Cue the golf clapping from men's rights activists.