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Books to be returned... | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Ask a Freelancer: Helping women get published
In Ask a Freelancer, Melissa Chadburn fields questions about writing, the blogosphere, platform building, and all things scary.
library2.png (1024×548) The 5 best social sites for writers online
We've told you the best places to read; now here's the best spots to get social with your fellow writers in their bathrobes. 
If I Had Something to Say | Flickr - Photo Sharing! How social do online writers really have to be?
I meet other writers online... but then, honestly, I prefer solitude in the "real" world. Is this terrible?
All sizes | Pile of sheets | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Ask a Freelancer: How to get out of the slush pile
Here's how to get yourself out of the slush pile. With style. 
undefined The best literary spots on the Web
A tour of the best of the online writing universe. 
undefined Ask a freelancer: How to connect with writers you love (and not be creepy)
You meet them at workshops and they change your life. Now, how do you connect without getting creepy?
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