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Screen_Shot_2014-04-16_at_11.28.26_AM.png (1440×900) Kim Dotcom can have his seized fortune back, NZ court rules
Finally, Dotcom will be reuinited with his beloved cash and luxury cars.
record needle U.S. movie and music industries hit Kim Dotcom with lawsuits
And just after he launched a political party, too.
Screen_Shot_2014-01-21_at_8.26.41_AM.png (576×362) Kim Dotcom's long-awaited EDM album is here
Who’s ready to let the Good Times roll? Renegade Internet mogul Kim Dotcom sure is.
undefined NSA data may have been used to target Kim Dotcom
If the NSA did use its intelligence to help take down Dotcom, it would be the first known case of that information being used against an alleged criminal with no suspicion of terrorism, violence, or sex-trafficking.
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