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Kim Dotcom Kim Dotcom, Megaupload, and U.S. extradition: Everything you need to know
Copyright infringement, criminal conspiracy, assault rifle helicopters—oh my!
Kim Dotcom in Front of US Currency Kim Dotcom dodges jail before U.S. extradition hearing
No jail for the "broke" Internet tycoon—at least not yet.
kim dotcom halftone lichtenstein print Kim Dotcom's extradition delayed another 7 months
He can stay in that Mega masion for at least another seven months.
Screen_Shot_2014-04-16_at_11.28.26_AM.png (1440×900) Kim Dotcom can have his seized fortune back, NZ court rules
Finally, Dotcom will be reuinited with his beloved cash and luxury cars.
All sizes | Kim Dotcom, painted portrait by Cart'1 @ Abode of Chaos DDC_7614 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! File-sharing mogul Kim Dotcom is taking Mega public
Kim Dotcom, currently wanted by the U.S. government, plans $180 million IPO on a New Zealand exchange.