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mean girls

Amber Bixby and Katie Pengra in Pretty Awful ‘Pretty Awful' is ‘Beavis and Butt-head’ meets ‘Mean Girls’
Gwenifer and Natashley are your new best frenemies.
Mina Gerges as Nicki Minaj This awesome Canadian transforms himself into pop icons on Instagram
Mina Gerges is your new best friend.
netflix on monitors in pile of film and film cannisters These 33 titles are coming to Netflix in January
Run into the new year streaming.
Matthew Lush YouTuber permanently banned from JetBlue as security threat
Matthew Lush made a Mean Girls joke, and now he can't fly on JetBlue ever again.
imgur: the simple image sharer Forever Fest celebrates the enduring legacy of 'Mean Girls'
Embrace your love of all things girlie at this Austin-based festival. 
6pkRBC9.jpg (856×443) 8-Bit Cinema's 'Kill Bill' is every bit as gruesome as the original
Thanks to 8-Bit Cinema, you really only need two minutes to enjoy both volumes of Tarantino's epic.
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