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matthew keys

mrs doubtfire deleted scenes Lost 'Mrs. Doubtfire' scenes are a heartbreaking reminder of Robin Williams' genius
This movie was a lot darker than we remember.
Handcuffs Journalist accused of helping Anonymous found guilty on hacking charges
He could face up to 25 years in prison.
twitter-notebook.png (1024×512) The case for (and against) a Twitter edit button
Because there's always two sides to a story. And an argument. 
new pencils | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Twitter reportedly close to announcing 'edit' feature, with a few catches
Nobody's perfect—especially not online.
a87b7504d69811e2a58e22000aa801d9_7.jpg (JPEG Image, 612×612 pixels) - Scaled (97%) Bad news for Vine as Instagram considers video
Instagram might be revving up from one single frame to 24 per second.
matthew Reuters' Matthew Keys charged with conspiring with Anonymous
Matthew Keys, one of Reuters' most recognizable young faces, has been indicted on charges that he conspired with the hacker group Anonymous.