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The important conversation about Sandra Bland's death no one is having
A year after Ferguson, we need to talk about how black women are treated by police.
Taylor Swift in Style Video How to talk to white people about Taylor Swift
It's time to shake off the bias for white women.
Dove First Fatherhood Moments This Dove Father's Day ad sends some pretty mixed messages about fatherhood
Will Dove ever release an ad campaign that has anything to do with selling soap?
kickstarter Dude Stick, the manly chapstick for manly men, raises so many questions
The packaging is matte black. It has a 'tactical' grip. This is chapstick FOR MEN.
Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Jimmy Fallon The Rock is an even greater action hero for lip-syncing to Taylor Swift
Last night, the Rock won the only championship belt that matters.
Justin Bieber in Performance Why we care how many inches Justin Bieber is (or isn't) packing in his Calvin Klein ad
Bieber's crotch was likely enhanced in his Calvin Klein ad, but does it matter?
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