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undefined The Road to Austin with Mr. GIF
The Daily Dot climbs in an RV with Tumblr's premier GIF artists for an epic trip to SXSW. 
GIF trip 2 Gearing up for the Road to Austin
We're getting in an RV and heading to Texas. 
tumblrcar 8 pro tips for Tumblr stardom
The Frogman, Mr. GIF, and Tumblr's Topherchris, among others, share their secrets for success. 
mousehead Mr. GIF—bringing back the GIF with style and charisma
One year and more than 600 GIFs later, the Tumblr artist collective known as Mr. GIF has helped make the image format cool again.
fishgif Why settle for stagnant when you can have dancing, moving pictures?
When these artists see a great site, they don't just take pictures. They make them move.