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screenshot from rocket league This final needs only 1 minute to convince you about Rocket League
The hottest new title in competitive gaming will convince you that it’s here to stay in just one minute.
Unleashing the Kraken in Smite Xbox Smite for Xbox is coming to MLG
Next week Smite hits Xbox One, and it'll have an esports circuit to go along with it.
gamer Inside the Mountain Dew-soaked world of parody gamer montages
When art imitates 'Call of Duty.'
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare guy Major League Gaming has reset its Pro League after a spate of DDoS attacks
A continued rash of DDoS attacks has forced MLG to take drastic action.
call of duty promo art Call of Duty league in crisis amid ongoing DDoS attacks
The scourge of online gaming is wreaking havoc on Call of Duty.
MLG Finals 2015 The company behind E3 will produce the MLG World Finals
Major League Gaming has partnered with a big tradeshow producer for their World Finals.