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Dad and Child Holding Hands Facebook's 'Year In Review' is as painful as it is touching
Not everyone wants to look back.
All sizes | Gravestones | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Facebook changes what happens to your page after you die
Your teachers were right: What you do on social media lasts forever.
All sizes | Sril Walter White | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Here's what Walter White's life on Facebook would look like
Oddly, the social network was never mentioned during Breaking Bad’s five-season run
All sizes | Day 78 - multiple personalities | Flickr - Photo Sharing! I created 5 different Facebook Look Back videos because I'm manipulative
Now you can manipulate everything about your Facebook profile, even its past. 
8Qr6ikE.png (852×465) Here's what an honest Facebook 'Look Back' video would look like
Nobody gets sentimental about hiding ads and changing privacy settings.
fb-grave2.jpg (1440×720) Grieving dad begs Facebook to let him see son's 'Look Back' video
“I know it’s a shot in the dark, but I don’t care."