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In defense of 'outrage culture'
If it weren’t for the Internet, I likely wouldn’t be here today.
George R. R. Martin George R.R. Martin reacts to his publisher's comments on 'The Winds of Winter'
There's a reason why 'The Winds of Winter' isn't on HarperCollins' publication schedule.
roqJD0s.jpg (1600×1326) Acclaimed sci-fi writer exposed as notorious Internet troll
The publishing community is divided over how to deal with writer Benjanun Sriduangkaew, better known as the troll Winterfox.
Computer censorship LiveJournal gives Russian censorship a helping hand
Be careful what you say.
sherlock johnlock 'Sherlock,' 'Teen Wolf,' 'Supernatural' among top targets for fanfic writers
What this year's unofficial fanfiction pairing census tells us about popular culture.
livej.png (1440×720) LiveJournal just rolled out a major update, but is anyone there to notice?
Increasingly, LiveJournal is peddling its changes to tumbleweeds. Will the latest redesign help or hurt the diminished community?