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Lil Poopy

pooperLil Poopy's pappy cleared of child negligence
Lil Poopy's pappy has been cleared of spawning all that slapping. 
poopyLil Poopy's music video has too much butt-slapping for YouTube
The world continues to throw the muzzle on the mojo of a 9-year-old rapper who makes his business slapping beautiful adult women on the rear end.
poopsLil Poopy is bigger than Justin Bieber, claims Lil Poopy
Nine-year-old rapper Lil Poopy continues to scoff in the face of logic, reason, and legitimate, undeniable conceptions of truth and actuality. 
lilpoopyRaunchy rapper Lil Poopy is too young to watch his own videos
Sex and drugs in Poopy's YouTube videos led a "concerned citizen" to contact the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.
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