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pride march You can now ride on a pride float without leaving your couch
Lazy queers and LGBT introverts rejoice!
nail clippers Lesbians are cracking up over Skype's accidental finger-banging tweet
Someone tell them what those fingernail clippers are really for.
people holding a "die-in" protest LGBT activists stage 'die-in,' disrupt Donald Trump meeting with Christian groups
LGBT groups want to hold Trump responsible for violence.
person chilling at a gay bar Facebook meme asks: Where was your first gay bar?
Whether LGBT or straight, gay bars are a special place for many of us.
LGBT bracelet on hands aiming pistol Conservatives ask LGBT people to arm themselves and #ShootBack
A Republican artist plastered West Hollywood with #ShootBack signs.
police car LGBT people of color twice as likely to be physically attacked, says new report
Orlando was hardly the first time the LGBT or Latino community has been targeted.