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Cuddly Lego slippers will protect your feet from diabolical building blocks
Lego has given us new cuddly foot protection... from Lego.
Lego Ideas projects reviewed in Fall 2015 Lego rejects all fan proposals for sets—including 'Frozen,' 'Golden Girls'
This is the first time Lego has never approved a project from a Lego Ideas review period.
ai weiwei Lego won't sell to Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei because his art is 'political'
Who knew that 'political' Lego art was off-limits?
boba fett Lego Boba Fett costume takes 'Star Wars' creativity to a new level
Not only is this Lego cosplay seriously badass, it's also accurately built to scale.
LEGO minifig heads The best Lego accessories for iPhones
These are AFOL-friendly accessories.
The new Lego Millennium Falcon set has got it where it counts
She's as sturdy as her namesake.