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Riot Games pool Groups are set for Riot's World Championship
The groups have been decided for this year’s World Championship in League of Legends, and fans are already buzzing.
Team Dragon Wolf Team Dragon Knights to substitute in Bischu, Lattman, and Baby
As a penalty, the team will forfeit all bans.
Screengrab via The Know/YouTube The Leaderboard: This week in esports
The panel discuss the LCS playoffs, ESL Pro Tour, and a legend stepping away from his game.
Locodoco with TSM winning NA LCS Riot will officially recognize LCS coaches
Riot Games is "officially recognizing" coaches on its professional teams.
SK Telecom T1 K in Road to Worlds A look inside League of Legends esports on the eve of its biggest event
The final episode of documentary Road to Worlds follows the path of League of Legends' pros on the way to the World Championships in Seoul.