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FOr Tuesday: press conference about NYPD beating of gay Staten Island man The harrowing tale of Louis Falcone and his $25M suit against the NYPD
It's the second time in a month that NYPD officers have been accused of homophobic attacks.
Conan Did Conan O'Brien steal this comedy writer's tweets?
San Diego man claims he's the author of four jokes wound up on TV.
50 Cent lookin' sad Judge rules 50 Cent must pay revenge-porn victim $7 million
Nice try, Fitty—but you can't just file bankruptcy to get out of trouble.
Time Warner Cable building Time Warner Cable customer wins $230,000 lawsuit over endless robocalls
They called her more than 100 times in a year—and they were trying to reach someone else.
Man wins $500,000 lawsuit after recording medical team mocking his penis
This is the story of 'D.B.' and his colonoscopy.
Net Neutrality logo pattern Net neutrality rules survive first legal test, will take effect tomorrow
The rules will take effect as scheduled.