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glitcheed image of a computer With U.S. crypto war raging, Swiss company opens secure email service to the public
ProtonMail's public launch is a shot across the bow at the American tech sector.
abstract art of apple and fbi logo Is the FBI ‘enslaving’ Apple?
Can the 13th Amendment protect Apple in its fight against the FBI?
ZboO7zJ.jpg (1600×1245) Lavabit found in contempt for trolling the FBI with 4-point font
The court did not, however, deny it was funny.
lavabit_keyboard_main2.png (1400×752) Lavabit and Silent Circle are Kickstarting their answer to NSA email spying
For $2 or more, you can help the future of secure email. Bump that up to $1,000 and you get a polo, too.
mmMm9rC.png (1024×512) Rebel email providers form alliance to combat NSA surveillance
Shuttered companies fight the NSA with new, ultra-secure email.