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laina morris

YSNkE70.png (PNG Image, 1338 × 739 pixels) Taylor Swift is the original overly attached girlfriend
If you thought Overly Attached Girlfriend was creepy before, wait until she reads Taylor Swift lyrics.
oag YouTube Guide: Overly Attached Valentine
Laina, the famous Overly Attached Girlfriend, wants you to be her valentine. Or else.
OEG Introducing Overly Attached Pitch Woman
Laina Morris, better known as Overly Attached Girlfriend, will convince you to buy a Samsung's SSD 840 laptop, one way or another. 
lainacharity "Overly Attached Girlfriend" uses her online fame for a good cause
Laina Morris, the Overly Attached Girlfriend, wants to be more than another Internet meme. Her new video series will raise money for a different charity each month.
BLBama The Internet famous can now be interviewed by Reddit
Thanks to a rules change, Scumbag Steve and Bad Luck Brian can take part in Reddit AMAs. 
laina-oag Overly Attached Girlfriend gets a Reddit interview do-over
Laina, the Overly Attached Girlfriend, held a successful AMA ("Ask Me Anything") on Reddit after site moderators cut her first attempt short.