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Kitchen Nightmares

Julia Child5 great cooking shows you can stream instead of 'Good Eats'
Alton Brown’s iconic science-meets-grub series got the boot, but fear not.
oZMQkXT.png (1280×800)Infamous 'Kitchen Nightmares' couple allegedly threatened a customer with a knife
It's the latest incident for the controversial owners.
ViJpsDR.jpg (1536×1027)Amy's Baking Co. still angry as ever in 'Kitchen Nightmares' premiere
Nearly a later, not much has changed at Amy's Baking Co.
sad-snoo.jpg (1440×720)Amy's Baking Co. owner: 'Reddit should be closed down'
Redditors would say the same about Amy Bouzaglo's restaurant.
UzwVYTr.jpg (JPEG Image, 1550 × 1024 pixels)Amy's Baking Company: Now self-aware, still a nightmare
Now you can boast about "surviving" your dining experience at the Kitchen Nightmare.
Twitter / cipppa: Can someone send this as proof ...Fired Amy's Baking Company waitress shares her story on Reddit
After Amy's Baking Company had a series of public meltdowns, one of its victims is having her moment in the spotlight.
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