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Death-defying vlogger shows us what it's like to surf a train
It's only the latest in Pasha Bumchik's series of stunt and prank videos.
editing wikipedia Twitter bot detects Russian edits to Wikipedia page about MH17
Who was responsible for the deadliest attack in the Ukrainian war? Depends who you ask.
XLj5il8.png (640×427) Guardian dishes on Na'vi's up-and-down summer
We spoke with the top sniper at this weekend's Iron Gaming tournament in Austin, Texas.
All sizes | 'Projonmo Square' Uprising: Justice for the Victims of 1971 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! The revolution will not be shared
If you want revolution, stop sharing and start caring.
Ukraine Protestors Turn to Bitcoin to Raise Much-Needed Funds Ukrainian protesters try to crowdfund their revolution with Bitcoin
A viral campaign has been slow going.
KMO_139994_00028_1_t218_230247.jpg (968×544) Behind the most powerful protest photo of the year
“This is the kind of photograph that ends up in history books for decades to come.”