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kid president

Kid President Next to TV Set YouTube star Kid President might be coming to your school
Who better to teach kids about art than their very own president?
undefined YouTube Guide: Happy Mother's Day from Kid President
Kid President has a message for all the moms out there.
kidrealpres Kid President finally meets Adult President Obama
One president is working towards equal rights and stricter gun control. The other president is 8 years old and runs on a platform to be a party. They finally met.
presfool Kid President helps the White House prank the nation
Expecting President Obama? Well, you've got Kid President instead!
kidpresbracker Dotted Lines: Kid President's March Madness bracket
President Obama released his NCAA tournament bracket today ... and so did Kid President!
preskid Kid President and President Obama finally team up on YouTube
When President Obama wanted to announce the 135th Annual White House Easter Egg Roll, who did he call? Kid President, of course!