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imgur: the simple image sharer Is it too late to save Tor?
To survive, it's time for Tor to define itself.
Blue Marble (Planet Earth) | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Why Reddit's science forum needed to ban climate deniers
Climate change denial isn't science. So keep it out of r/science.
aaronswartz4 The weird FBI files on Aaron Swartz
Tip to felons: If you want to send the FBI on a false lead, just toss some lies into your social media presence.
paperbaylogo The Paper Bay launches in honor of Aaron Swartz
Jacques Mattheij's site is intended to level the playing field when it comes to access to academic papers.
Outlaws Dot Dot Dot: We are all outlaws online
The Internet's got a weird affinity for anti-heros. Maybe it's because we're all anti-heroes of a sort. 
Aaron Swartz demonstrating I committed Aaron Swartz’s crime—and so, probably, have you
Aaron's crime, and the persecution he faced as a result, is probably a lot closer to home than you think.