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john green

Uplift logo pattern Uplift wants to educate the YouTube community about abuse
It starts out as an Internet fandom fairy tale.
john green John Green's car goes up in flames during race with 'Raven Boys' author Maggie Stiefvater
Who knew that young-adult author rivalries could go so hard?
john green John Green explains the basics of the Syrian refugee crisis
Migrants are flooding European countries, and you should understand why.
That awful Cara Delevingne interview is a master class in sexist BS
Calling this a trainwreck is putting it lightly.
abstract art of the vidcon logo Of content and controversy at VidCon 2015
Content creation is king—but the biggest YouTube convention around knows change is key too.
q radar ben car paper towns The plot thickens in the newest 'Paper Towns' trailer
Margo's manner of leaving was even more mysterious than Margo herself.