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6a00e550a9fd7d8834019aff2c7ccb970b-pi (JPEG Image, 988 × 1500 pixels) From fanart to Lucasfilm licensing, Katie Cook does it all
The coolest part of this illustrator's job? It's a draw.
undefined Jim Henson Company wants to buy your "Dark Crystal" fanfiction
The Author Quest, run by Jim Henson and Penguin, is seeking a new, original Dark Crystal novel.
chickfilbaptistchurch Fact-checking the fallout from the Chick-fil-A gay marriage controversy
Several reports about Chick-fil-A—including allegations that the company faked a Facebook account—have gone viral this week, but what's real and what is the Internet exaggerating?
muppetgaycropped Muppets GLAAD to ditch Chick-fil-A
The Jim Henson company takes a stand for diversity.